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Although many people think of skiing and skating as the only interesting winter sports, the recent fad of snow-shoeing has gathered a great many enthusiastic during the past winter.

An explanation which has been offered for the sudden popularity of this strange arctic-bred sport is that the veterans who were stationed in the northern countries during the war observed the necessary techniques and then introduced the art to the United States.

Snow-shoeing, like other winter sports requires four or more inches of snow, countless energy and a special type of shoe, known as a snow-shoe. This item, although it may be purchased at most sports stores, is easily constructed from old tennis or squash racquets. No matter which method a person uses, it is the opinion of experts that the beginner requires a great deal of intestinal fortitude.

White Shoe Manufacturer

Two winters ago, Edward C. McGrath, an enterprising snow-shoe manufacturer devised a plan for introducing the sport to the college set. After covering the rims of the shoes with strips of white buckskin, McGrath placed the white snow-shoe on the market. The idea caught on quickly and shoes may be ordered by that name today.

The art of snow-shoeing is similar to hiking, the main difference being the use of the shoes. Experienced snow-shoers claim that they can move faster over open country than skiiers. In races between the two methods of precipitation-transportation, shoe-experts have won more often than not when their slatted brethren had run-ins with soft drifts.

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