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To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

In a letter by Messrs. Herbert and Keller they say that they resent joint instruction, that Harvard misrepresented itself to them, "thought they applied to a men's (or women's) college." If they had taken the trouble to look into the matter before applying they would have seen what they were in for. According to the Harvard charter:

"Whereas through the good hand of God many well devoted persons have been and dayly are moved and stirred up to give and bestowe sundry gifts, legacies lands and Revennewes for the advancement of all good literature artes and sciences in Harvard College" and the purposes being,

"The education of the English and Indian youth of this country in knowledge, and godliness." Mark you gentlemen, the charter says youth, not youths or young men. And youth refers to persons of either sex, especially a young man but not exclusively. Realizing the eventual emancipation of women the founding fathers left the charter open.

Though perhaps not wholly English or Indian, Harvard is closer to educating the youth of this country than in its prewar (monastic) days. Perhaps the dean will refund the tuition of Messrs. Herbert and Keller and then they can transfer to a more monosexual institution. David N. Shapire '49   Frank E. Gump '49.

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