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Watchmen's work is usually defensive. At Radcliffe, there seems to be an eye for prevention.

"Harvard men aren't as wild as they used to be," John Purtell, 'Cliffe janitor says, "but we're still thinking out the bushes for spring."

According to Purtell, joint instruction has cut down the activity of the lingering made in the Annex quadrangle. In the old days, Purtell claims, Harvard came to the Quad on masse just to see what they could find.

Joint Instruction has, however, cut down the element of speculation in dating. "When they come now," Purtell says, "they know who and what they're looking for."

The watchman's main objection to men's antics in the Quad is that young people in the Radcliffe area might be influenced by strange doings. "They're like vacuum cleaners, they pick up things as they go along, and young kids who don't know what's going on get into trouble," Purtell noted.

Purtell compares the night watchman's job to that of a private detective. "We see and know all, but say nothing . . . strict ethics to being a night watchman. We do our job and keep quiet."

Ladder Lack

Such things as ladders hoisted to second floor windows don't bother the night watchmen much Purtell claims. "We've encountered only two second story crews this year, and they were unsuccessful. In one of these attempts at Cabot Hall, the climbers left their ladder for us to take care of in the morning."

Other misdemeanors which the watchmen have witnessed this year include cars driven over the lawn, a few cases of "four o'clock howlers" (men who speak into the Quad and call for their women at four a.m.) and a couple of "beer-bottle-breaking parties."

Spring Spunk

These things have just been of a routine nature this year. But that doesn't mean that they will stay that way. According to Purtell, spring is the busy season. "Being indoors inhibits people," he says. "Boys and girls like to associate in the spring. In the spring you always get those nature boys."

Purtell admires the Radcliffe girl. "They're all studious," he says. "Sometimes their boyfriends get out of hand, but they eventually learn that they can't win," he declares, with unshakable faith.

Night watchmen, incidentally, are not allowed to interfere with parked cars unless they are violating parking rules.

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