Gropius Lectures At Design Forum

Undergraduate architecture students should not undertake extensive experimental work, Walter Gropius, chairman of the Department of Architecture, warned last night at a forum on architectural education. Work of this nature, Gropius said, should be postponed until a student has acquired experience in industry.

The architect led a panel of four of his prominent colleagues before a packed house in Fogg Museum.

Enrollment in Architectural schools should be kept below 200 students stressed William Wurster, chairman of the Department of Architecture at MIT. He foresaw "dilution of what a student can do if he loses intimate contact with his instructors."

Many Contacts Needed

George Howe, director of Architecture at Yale, emphasized that architectural students should learn to get along with businessmen, politicians, and construction men.


The other speakers were Catherine Baner, lecturer and lobbyist on housing, and Siegfried Giedion, professor of Architecture at Zurich. Miss Bauer stated that study of old masterpieces would prevent modern students from falling into modern cliches, while Giedion stressed that a "study of the past will prevent students from losing contact with reality."