12,300 Eggs, 3 Tons Ham Kept 'Cliffe Salted in '46

The next time your Radcliffe date murmurs in your ear that a dinner at Locke-Ober's would be nice, ignore her. A recent survey discloses that the average freshman gains from 10 to 15 pounds during her first term, largely on her fare in the Annex dorms.

This isn't so remarkable when one considers that last year 'Cliffe-dwellers polished off five tons of roast lamb, four tons of roast beef, three tons of ham, and almost two tons of butter. As if this weren'nt cough, they topped it off with 12,300 eggs and close to 300 gallons of ice cream.

Break this down into per capita consumption and each girl accounts for 11 pounds of beef, nine of lamb, a more three gallons of ice cream, and just over four pounds of butter. Over the course of a full year, this means that the average student receives meat at least 12 times a week, ice cream usually twice a week, and generous supplies of butter at all meals except dinner.

The only between meal eating encouraged is the crackers and milk served at 10 p.m. nightly during exam period. Fifteen years ago, however, hot soup was passed out during the middle of exams. The tradition was permanently discontinued by the harrassed professors. They found that spilled broth and ?what? broads seemed to spoil the austere atmosphere of the exam hours.

Other legends tells of generous benefactors who have left large sums of money for food endowments, especially for ice cream and rolls. The story is completely fictitious.

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