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Alexandro Feodorovich Kerensky, social revolutionist who helped overthrow the Czar in 1917, intends to reveal "the real object of the Kremlins international policy" in an address at the New Lecture Hall on April 21 at 8 p.m., John H. Mansfield '51, chairman of the United Nations Council announced yesterday.

Michael Karpovich, professor of History, will introduce Kerensky. Karpovich served in the Russian Embassy in Washington under the Kerensky government and remembers Kerensky as a "dramatic and dynamic speaker."

Predicts Revolution

Suceeding Prince Lyov in the provisional government of 1917, Kerensky then became Generalissimo and the first legal dictator of Russia. While Kerensky ruled Russia, Pitirlm A. Sorokin, professor of Sociology, was his personal secretary.

In November, 1917, Kerensky fled the Bolshevik Revolution to Paris where he remained leader of the Social-Revolutionary Party. The German invasion of France forced him to escape to the U. S. in 1940.

He now lives in New York City and makes yearly lecture tours of American colleges, always predicting a revolution in Soviet Russia.

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