Yardling Tennis Team Plays Deerfield Today

Corey Wynn's unbeaten freshman tennis team will be looking for its fourth win today when it meets Deerfield at 3 p.m. in the first home match of the season. Judging from the Yardling's record thus far, it should not be a close contest.

Charlie Ufford will play first singles. Ufford was a star for Deerfield last year, and may face some of his former teammates. The lineup will be the same as usual, with Art French playing second singles and Harry Hatton playing third.

Doubles Listing

Berk Johnson will play fourth, followed by Paul Trinchieri and Bill Harrington.

Ufford-French and Johnson-Hatton will be the first two doubles combinations, and Dick Meyers will be paired with either Trinchieri or Harrington in the third doubles match.