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Council Group Recommends 25 Groups for SAC Offices

Provost Buck Will Get Committee's Report


Twenty-five of 26 undergraduate organizations which applied for room in the Student Activities Center should get permanent space in the building, a Student Council subcommittee will recommend to Provost Buck. Buck will make the final decision on space allocation.

The 26th group, the Chess Club, asked only for a place to play, and will have access to a general conference room.

Secretary Recommended

General need for office space and the amount of work a group would do in its office were the criteria for the space allocations. Many groups whose office needs are comparatively small will share offices. Five language clubs, for instance, share one office.

The Council committee of Richard M. Sandler '52, Henry D. Silvera '51, and William Tyson '50 also recommended that there be a general secretary for the organizations. This secretary would also assist in the administration of the building.

Parletal Rules

Organizations which will probably get office space are: the Dramatic Club (including five groups), the Young Progressives, the John Reed Club, the Advocate, the Yearbook, the Debate Council, Student Association for the Natural and Social Sciences, the Music Club, the Photographic Society, the United Nations Council, the World Federalists, the Free Enterprise Society, the Southerners Club, Ivy Films, the Liberal Union, the Society for Industrial Democracy, the Society for Minority Rights, the Catholic Club, and the National Student Association.

The problem of parietal rules for the building is still being investigated.

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