Varsity Tennis Squad Will Compete Against Strong Williams Team

Coach Jack Barnaby's tennis team will oppose a slightly favored Williams squad at 3 p.m. this afternoon on the Soliders Field courts in an attempt to gain their first win over the Ephmen since the war.

Williams boasts a strong team made up mainly of experienced seniors, but it will be handicapped by the loss of its number one player Stu Robertson, who was injured early this season.

Trying to come up with a winning state in the low singles, Coach Barnaby will start Aaron Cohodes at number six. Cohodes plays a cool, steady baseline game which wears down an opponent into making errors.

Second Doubles Switched

Also changed is the second doubles combination, where Chase Peterson, whose main asset is a high-kicking twist serve, will team with Bob Bramhall. Broward Craig and Hilliard Hughes will again play first doubles with Craig Combs and Bill Goodman in the third slot.

Craig, Hughes, Bramhall, Jack Frey, and Cohodes will play singles in that order. Corey Wynn's Yardling team will also face Williams here at 3 p.m.