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A minor crime wave which started late Thursday night, still had Cambridge Police bafiled last night. Three events, including an assault, and two robberies remained unsolved this morning, as detectives continued their hunt for two teenagers and two slightly older men.

The first episode occured just one half hour after midnight, Thursday. Two Cambridge residents, George Weaver, 20, of 200 Brattle Street, and George Milanco, 24, of 20 Oxford Street were walking through the Cambridge Common when two men attacked them from behind. Weaver's suit coat was pulled over his head. He shouted, he was knocked to the ground by the assailants. When he get up his wallet was missing, and the men had gone.

Weaver immediately ran for the police. When they returned to the scene of the crime they found the wallet, money inside, lying on the ground. Police conjectured that the bandits were scared away.

Students Clubs Stolen

The second event occurred the following night. Lawrence G. Jones, another Cambridge resident, was walking down Linnaean Street with his date. A man quietly crept up behind them and before Jones could do anything he was forced to turn down Gray Street at gun point. On Gray Street a second man, his face covered by a white handkerchief with a thin brown border, joined the first thief. They took $15 from Jones' wallet leaving him with $10; they asked for both captives' watches, but then returned them.

Still threatening with the gun, the bandits ordered the couple to lie down in the bushes as they ran off.

The third event reported yesterday morning was the theft of a set of Slazeager, Bobby Locke golf clubs in a canvas bag, stolen from an auto parked near Lowell House. The owner of the car was graduate student Alexander Hood. He valued the set at $100.

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