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Defends Williams



To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

I have just read the article in a recent CRIMSON by Peter H. Taub concerning the Williams-Harvard lacrosse game and the Williams House Party Weekend. The article is a fair and correct one in some respects, but in others it did not seem as if it was written by the same person. Why does Mr. Taub feel that he must bring up the "old chestnut" that has long been disproved of Williams being a "country club"? If it is a sin for Williams to have a "lush campus" or for any other college, then why are colleges trying to develop their campuses into spots of beauty? How come Williams has such a high academic standing, which Harvard Graduate Schools will vouch for? It certainly is not because we are living up to that reputation of being a "country club." House Party Weekend is a time for the students to relax and have fun after long periods of study and tension which I am sure you know about. We are a small college and therefore when we relax we relax together, which a large university is not able is do for the simple reason that the students don't know a large majority of the other students and because of the fact that most of the universities are in large cities where they must be bound, and unduly so, by the city ordinances. If you wander around other campuses on House Party Weekends then I am sure that you will see sights that you did not see or would not see at Williams, because we have learned that parties can sometimes go too far.

Mr. Taub also managed to get in that one would see Williams men tearing around campus in fast cars, mostly convertibles. I answer that by asking a question. Where wouldn't you see the same setup?

I will not go on because I am sure that Mr. Taub gets my point by this time. Just remember that there are places other than Harvard where a person can get an education as good as the one presented at Harvard. Why can't persons stop acting like kids and write articles that are completely fair and true? Cooper Smith, Jr.   Williams College

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