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Ivy Films Resumes Work, Labels Newest Production 'Project 109'


Ivy Films has returned to its cameras after a half-year layoff.

Their second movie has temporarily been dubbed "Project 109," and enacts the frustrated attempts of a student trying to get some work done.

After spending a pleasant afternoon with his girl Susan, the boy returns to his room with a firm intent to study. He starts out well by imitating a grinding roommate, but is soon distracted by a magazine.

Dreams of Blonde

Then he falls asleep to dream of a beautiful blonde, other women, and his future. Awakened by the radio, he wanders to the window and sees Susan outside, having a very good time with another man.

Taking a last look at the pile of books and the untouched assignments, he decides on the path of least resistance and slumps into his chair.

Roommate Disgusted

In the picture above, the hero (TED CRON '52) leaves Widener with Susan (DARE TAYLOR '53) on his right, and extra ANNE STRANG '53, on his left. His roommate (SAM TIMMONS '51) looks on with disgust. The scene isn't from the picture.

The cast of "Project 109" is entirely College and Radcliffe students; the movie is a 12-minute short directed by Leo Bersani '52. Ivy plans to begin a second full-length feature next October.

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