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Like Plowing Pigs


It certainly does a person's heart good to see the University taking an active part to bolster the national economy in these Troubled Times. The College authorities deserve an enthusiastic pat on the back for their vision and fortitude in looking beyond the mere local scene in this important matter.

When the farmers up in Aroostook County grew too many potatoes, the government stepped in and bought the extra. When the hog growers out Iowa way raised too many pigs, the government stepped in and bought up the glut. But when the Johnson Company canned an oversupply of Bestoval Cocktail Fruit Mixture last fall no one came to their aid. A serious cut in the price of cocktail fruit mixture threatened! If the University authorities hadn't acted decicevly right then, there is no telling what might have happened.

This is why Johnson's Bestoval Cocktail Fruit Mixture is served in the Houses such a large number of times every week. But no one is complaining. Not on your life! Every loyal student is glad to do his bit. Anything to help stabilize the nation's position in Time of Stress.

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