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Code Omits Discrimination Clause


The Student Council passed a revised set of rules related to undergraduate activities with one reservation at its last meeting of the year yesterday and sent them on to Associate Dean Watson for his consideration this summer.

The reservation withheld a decision on the controversial anti-discrimination clause which prohibits extra-curricular groups from including clauses in their constitutions that unfairly exclude students on grounds of race, nationality, or religion.

Discrimination Clause Still Open

Except for the discrimination clause, on which next year's Council will have to rule, the rules will go into effect next fall unless Watson or the Faculty Committee on Undergraduate Activities make changes in them as they stand now.

These rules have been under review by the College's organizations since May 17. Only one group raised any objection and this concerned the discrimination clause.

In their present form, the rules, drafted by Richard M. Sandler '52, Sanford J. Langa '51, John R. W. Small '51, N. Conant Webb, Jr. '49, Richard W. Kimball '50, and William D. Mulholland, Jr. '50, are four pages long, a substantial reduction from the original 33.

Cover 12 Subjects

The current set of regulations is also far more simplified than the one proposed at the end of March. In a general manner they cover 12 subjects; officers' responsibility, recognition of organizations, relations to the University, financial responsibility, printed matter, posters, solicitation, indoor meetings, out-door meetings, paid admissions, public performances, and dances.

They also eliminate the necessity of filing semi-annual financial reports, as the old rules had done, and state merely that "financial responsibility rests solely within each organization."

Earlier in the meeting the Council approved a new organization, "The Sporting Weekly," a publication which will run detailed news stories and feature material about the House and Yard intramural program. Neal R. Shulman '53, who will direct the project, said he expects to publish eight pages each week.

An introduction to the regulations contains an elastic clause which says that any organization which wants an exception made for a certain rule or is in doubt about a rule's interpretation should consult the office of the Associate Dean.

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