More On the Varsity Club


To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

We read with interest your editorial (May 22) opposing construction of a new Varsity Club. In your fairness to the proposal, you cited only two advantages: "it would re-instituted the training table . . . and it would lop three blocks off the long walk back from Soldiers Field."

Come, come, Editors, can't you think of any other advantages? The contraction of a new Varsity Club to re-instituted a training table is as eccentric as building a new restaurant when one wants the same meal.

As for lopping off three blocks, we have a better idea. Invest the $25,000 and use part of the income to run a rickshaw service between Soldiers Field and the present club. This lops off seven blocks. Walter G. Goldstein '52   Gilbert R. Panzer '52