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Biographies of Student Council Class Nominees


Following are the biographies of candidates for class representative to the Student Council:

Class of 1951

James E. Barrett, Jr--Waltham; chairman, Union Committee; Sophomore Class Committee; chairman, Junior Class Committee.

Sheldon L. Berens--Lowell; Student Council Combined Charities Drive; P.B.H. Blood Drive; vice-chairman, United Nations Council of Harvard; Lowell Social Science Forum; Lowell Opera; Liberal Union; Detur Prize.

Samuel C. Butler-Cambridge; Union Committee; chairman, Freshman Athletic Committee; Adams House Committee; varsity football.

John Cowles, Jr.--Eliot; Union Committee; freshman hockey and lacrosse; president, Signet Society.

Robert V. DIBIaslo--Varsity Club; varsity football; varsity hockey; Junior Usher; Varsity Club; varsity track.

Donald W. Dowd--Eliot; freshman debating; Glee Club; P.B.H.; president, Liberal Union.

Roy M. Goodman-Eliot; secretary, Jubilee Committee; Glee Club; Union Debating Society; Union Dance Committee; freshman 150 crew; treasurer, Student Council; CRIMSON: chairman, Charities Unallocated Funds Committee.

Phillip L. Isenberg--Winthrop; Pierian Sodality; freshman football; varsity football; P.B.H. social service; Winthrop Education Committee.

James P. Johnson--Kirkland; freshman soccer; varsity soccer; House Committee; Outing Club; Pre-medical Society; P.B.H.

William R. Polk--Winthrop; P.B.H. social service; chairman, P.B.H. Blood Drive; P.B.H. cabinet; House Committee; vice-chairman, Combined Charities Drive; Crimson Key Society.

David C. Skinner--Winthrop; Union Committee; freshman baseball; freshman basketball; Junior Class Committee; House Committee; chairman, House Election Committee; Hasty Pudding Theatricals.

Class of 1952

Richard T. Button--Lowell; Student Council Public Relations Committee; Varsity Club.

Theodore O. Cron--West Newton; P.B.H.; lvy Films.

James C. Currey, Jr.--Dudley, Free Enterprise Society; Catholic Club; Southerners Club.

A. Holmes Fetherolf--Winthrop; Freshman Smoker Committee; Red Book.

Arthur D. Kaledin--Winthrop; freshman varsity crew; P.B.H.

Robert L. Kendall, Jr.--Dudley; freshman J. V. football; P.B.H.; Glee Club.

Robert L. Knause--Winthrop; freshman crew; P.B.H.; Band; Extra-curricular Activities Bulletin.

John B. McGinty--Jamaica Plain; Catholic Club.

Guy M. McKhann--Dunster; freshman swimming; Dunster Dunces; P.B.H.; sailing team.

Gilbert R. Panzer--Lowell; P.B.H.; Student Council Committee on Education; Chess Club.

Chase N. Peterson--Winthrop; Union Committee; freshman squash and tennis; Student Council, Freshman Affairs Committee; National Scholarship holder.

Harvey Robinson--Adams; Union Committee; chairman, Union Dance Committee; College Social Affairs Committee; H.Y.R.C.; Harvard-Radcliffe '52 D. P. Dance Committee; chairman, Union Music Committee; advisor, Freshman Dance Committee.

Albert Rothenberg--Claverly; no biography submitted.

Ralph F. Scalers--Dudley; no biography submitted.

Nell J. Smelser--Adams; secretary-treasurer, Harvard World Federalists; Social Relations Society; Edward Whittaker Prize Scholarship; Jacob Wendell Scholarship.

Robert M. Stroud--Leverett; freshman swimming; varsity swimming; manager, intramural sports; Chemical Society.

Robert B. Thompson--Dunster; freshman baseball; freshman football; secretary, Flying Club; H.Y.R.C.; P.B.H.

Class of 1953

Waverly R. Beall--Matthews; Union Committee Cabinet.

Ernest T. Berkeley, Jr.--Lionel; Union Committee Cabinet; chairman, Common Room Committee; chairman, Christmas Send-off Party; co-chairman, House Talks for Freshmen; chairman, Plenic Service for Freshmen; P.B.H. Social Service Committee.

David G. Black--Straus; assistant manager, Glee Club; Choir; Undergraduate Dance Band; H.L.U.

Gordon L. Brumm-Lionel; Lionel athletic manager; publications chairman, World Federalists.

Richard L. Bushman--Weld; Freshman Intramural Athletic Committee; Extra-curricular Activities Bulletin Committee; Education Committee, Student Council.

Ronald M. Chumaceire--Wigglesworth; no biography submitted.

Augustus W. Clapp--Lionel; no biography submitted.

James A. Constans--Lionel; no biography submitted.

Richard S. Field--Matthews; Inter-faith Council; Hillel House council.

John S. Hermann--Grays; Union Committee Cabinet; chairman, Freshman Dance Committee; All-College Dance Committee; Election Committee, Jubilee and Smoker.

Thomas W. Hoya--Weld; chairman, Union Committee; Freshman Intramural Athletic Committee.

Richard E. Johnson--Matthews; secretary, Union Committee, Union Committee Cabinet; chairman, Union Concentration Conferences.

John G. Kelso--Thayer; associate football manager.

Charles P. MacVeagh--Matthews; freshman track manager.

Thomas G. Madden--Lionel; treasurer, Jubilee Committee; freshman crew.

Jerry H. Miller--Weld; Student Council Finance Committee; freshman track; Lutheran Student Association; Union Dance Committee; Outing Club.

Hugh L. Moffet--Holworthy; Band; P.B.H. Social Service Committee; P.B.H. Undergraduate Faculty.

Gurtis F. Peterson--Matthews; P.B.H. Financial Drive.

Richard T. Povill--Thayer; freshman representative, Student Council; Union Committee Cabinet; freshman basketball.

Nicholas Reinhardt--Stoughton; no biography submitted.

Allen N. Rleselbach--Wigglesworth; freshman heavy crew; Outing Club; P.B.H.

David Royee--Matthews; freshman basketball manager.

Bengt G. Sandberg--Matthews; freshman soccer.

Harry L. Senger--Stoughton; Captain, Stoughton basketball team.

Arthur A. Sloane--Hollis; Union Committee; co-chairman, Freshman Food Committee; Concentration Conference Committee; H.Y.R.C.

A. Lyle Starr--Wigglesworth; no biography submitted.

Arthur J. Stroebel--Thayer; no biography submitted.

Philip H. Vivian, Jr.--Lionel; P.B.H. Settlement House Work.

Walter E. Wolf--Mower; no biography submitted.

Joel M. Wolfson--Matthews; Social Service Committee, P.B.H.

Michael G. Yamin--Holworthy; Union Committee Cabinet; chairman, Smoker Committee; vice-president, Dance Committee; P.B.H.; associate editor, Extra-curricular Activities Bulletin.

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