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Grad Council's Work



To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

It was reported in the CRIMSON recently that Radcliffe as well as Harvard students are to be admitted to the graduate dining hall next year.

Perhaps it should be added that this change in University policy had been recommended last year and again this year by the Graduate Student Council. In spite of the Council's efforts to inform its constituents of its activities, many graduate students do not hear of them; it is important that graduate students should be aware of such worthwhile results of the Council's work as the admission of women to the dining hall.

Another accomplishment of the Council which has received little publicity concerns segregation in the dormitories. It has been the practice in the past to assign a Negro, Jewish, or Oriental student a roommate of the same group; exceptions to this rule have ordinarily been made only when two individual students of different groups asked to room together when they applied. In 1948-49 the Council worked unsuccessfully for the complete elimination of segregation in room assignments. This year it renewed this recommendation with more success. Applicants for rooms, in the new Graduate Center are not asked for photographs; and the University has stated that those who have not given any special preference will be assigned roommates at random. Chandler Davis 4G   George Gibian 3G   Bertram L. Woodruff 3G   Edwin G. Wilson 3G

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