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David M. Little '18, Secretary to the University, yesterday released the following list of representatives of active Associated Harvard Clubs, for the benefit of graduating seniors. Further information may be obtained by contacting the names listed below.

New England Division

Bangor: Prentiss Godfrey '38; 6 State St., Bangor, Me.

Maine: Sidney W. Thaxter '37; 192 Middle St., Portland.

New Hampshire: John J. Heard '39; 116 Prospect St., Franklin.

Vermont: Harold F. Ordway, M.B.A. '33; 20 So. Willard St., Burlington.

Andover: Alfred G. Harris '47; 27 Washington Ave, Andover, Mass.

The Berkshires: Robert G. Newman, g '35; 44 Bank Row, Pittsfield, Mass.

Boston: Allen H. MacIntyre '21; 374 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass.

Concord: Stephen P. Baldwin '43; 18 Lexington Rd., Concord, Mass.

Eastern Middlesex: Rudolph Sussman g '15; 187 West St., Reading, Mass.

Fall River: Richmond Harrison '35, c/o Borden & Romington Co., Fall River, Mass.

Hingham: George F. Bennett '33; 140 Federal St., Boston, Mass.

Lowell: J. Donald Adams '25; c/o Newmarket Mfg. co., Market St., Lowell, Mass.

Lynn: Arnold S. Potter '17; 31 Estabrook Rd., Swampscott, Mass.

Martha's Vineyard: Abner L. Braley '11; P.O. Box 187, Edgartown, Mass.

New Bedford: Charles S. Kelley III '36; 150 Hawthorne, New Bedford, Mass.

Pocumtuck Valley: Charles F. Fraker, Ph.D. '31; 20 Cosby Ave., Amherst, Mass.

Quincy: John W. Walsh '34, 41 Butler, Rd., Quincy, Mass.

Springfield: Richard S. Benner, Jr. '39, 225 Converse St., Longmeadow, Springfield, Mass.

Taunton: Charles D. Welch '32; Mt. Hope Finishing Co., Dighton, Mass.

Worcester: Chester W. Cook '19; 75 Park Ave., Worcester, Mass.

Connecticut: Bernard W. Trafford, Jr. '29; Aetna Life Ins. Co., 151 Farmington Ave., Hartford.

New Haven: Peter P. Hale '38; 275 Orange St., New Haven, Conn.

Rhode Island: John L. Clark '36; 21 George St., Providence.

Eastern Division

Buffalo: Richard E. Moot '42; 400 Erie City Bk. Bldg., Buffalo, N. Y.

Ass'n. of Eastern New York: Dr. Donald Collins, Ph.D. '83; Educational Bldg. Albany, N.Y.

Long Island, Inc.: Bernard J. Mattuck '18; 165 Broadway, New York, N. Y.

New York City: Henry Schneiwind '31; 27 W. 44th St., New York, N. Y.

Rochester: Frederick Mulhauser '20; 3280 Elmwood Ave., Rochester, N. Y.

Utica: Douglas J. Grant '18; 714 Parkway East, Utica, N. Y.

New Jersey: William H. Doherty '27; 14 Waldron Ave., Summit.

Philadelphia: Howard Kellogg '37; 2107 Fidelity-Philadelphia, Trust Bldg., Philadelphia, Penn.

Western Pennsylvania: F. J. Torrance Baker '38; 341 Fourth Ave., Pittsburgh.

Delaware: Charles B. Palmer '97; duPont Bldg., Wilmington.

New Cannan: David G. Marvin, LL.B. '36; Chestnut Hill, Wilton, Conn.

Middle Atlantic Division

Washington: D. C.: William Taft Leash '31; Securities & Exchange Commission.

Annapolis: Henry F. Maling, Jr., S.D. '47; 406 N. Taylor Ave., Annapolis, Md.

Maryland: Paul P. Swett, Jr. '32 c/o Baltimore Life Ins. Co., Charles St., Baltimore.

North Carolina: J. O. Tally, Jr., LL.M. '46; Fayetteville.

Charlotte: Ted H. Gallier, M.B.A. '31; 1407 Westover St., Charlotte, N. C.

Virginia: Robert L. Philbrick '30; 4410 Cutshaw Ave., Richmond.

Fairmont: James O. Watson '00; Fort Hill Farm, R.F.D. 2, Fairmont, Va.

Southern Division

Western So. Carolina: Josse F. Cleveland '42; 401 Connecticut Ave., Spartanburg.

Atlanta: E. Smythe Gambrell, LD.B. '22; C. & S. Nat'l Bk. Bldg., Atlanta, Ga.

West Coast of Florida: Wm. B. Gresham '37; 2001 W. Platt St., Tampa.

Jacksonville: Walter F. Rogers, Jr. '43; 614 Atlantic Nat'l Bk. Bldg., Jacksonville, Fla.

Miami: Floyd Sathre '24; 1456 Marseilie Dr., Miami Beach, Fla.

Central Florida: Edward, J. Gurney, Jr., LL.B. '38; P.O. Box 3146, Orlando.

Brimingham: Jerome A. Cooper '33; Massey Bldg., Birminham, Ale.

Puerto Rico: Rafale Diaz Nieves '32; Box 212. Baymon.

Great Lakes Division

Eastern Michigan: Clark T. Wells '34; 96 Handy Rd., Grosse Point Farms 30.

Western Michigan: Lee M. Hutchins '46; 38 Oakes St. SW. Grand Rapids.

Indiana: George M. Dickson, Jr., '22; 803 Security Trust Bldg., Indianapolis.

Akron: Richard A. Cheneweth '46; 829 Second Nat'l Bldg., Akron, Ohio.

Central Ohio: Myron B. Kauffman, Jr., 38; 263 N. Front St., Columbus.

Cincinnati: J. Gerard Heathcote, M.B.A. '23; 1331 Carew Tower, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Cleveland: William L. Calfee '39; 1956 Union Commerce Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio.

Toledo: R. A. Esch '27; 1810 Clinton St., Toledo, Ohio.

Kentucky: Anderson C. Dearing, Jr., '34; 5th & Court Place; Louisville.

Central Division

Lincoln: Richard W. Smith, LL.B. '38; 402 Woodman Accident Bldg., Lincoln, Neb.

Nebraska: Rederic B. Crane gb '23; University of Omaha, Omaha.

Minnesota: Dewight D. Taylor, Jr., '41; 1260 Northwestern Bk. Bldg., Minneapolis.

Ames: John J. L. Hinrichsen, A.M. '27; Iowa State College, Ames, Ia.

Des Molines: Roland G. Harrison, a '15; 601 Second Ave. SE, Des Moines, Ia.

Milwaukee: A. Wm. Asmuth, Jr., '38; 735 N. Water St., Milwaukee, Wis.

Chicago: James P. Baxter '41; 38 So. Dearborn St., Chicago, III.

Mississippi Valley Division

Kansas City: George C. Dillon '44, J. A. Bruening Co., Board of Trade Bldg., Kansas City, Mo.

St. Louis: Frederick H. Levis '28; 344 Pierce Bldg., St. Louis, Mo.

Louisiana: Justin, V. Wolff, LL.B. '22; Hibernia Bldg., New Orleans.

Memphis: Merrill Garcelon '25; 639 Sterick Bldg., Memphis, Tenn.

Southwest Division

Austin: Gray Thoron '38; University of Texas, Austin, Tex.

Dalias: George C. Powell '31; New England Life Ins. Co., Mercantile Bk. Bldg., Dallas, Tex.

Ei Paso: Henry W. Goethals '44; El Paso Herald Post, El Paso, Tex.

Houston: Charles F. Hiller A.M., '30; 3801 St. Bernard St., Houston, Tex.

Tulsa: Howard McEwen Maher, M.B.A. '31; 3218 Whittler Station, Tulsa, Okla.

Mexico: Jose L. Siqueriros, 1 '47; 1407 Calle Victories, Chihuahua, Mexico, D. F.

Mountain Division

Utah: Warwick C. Lamoreaux, LL.B. '38; 422 Utah Oil Bldg., Salt Lake City.

Rocky Mountain: Floyd K. Haskell '37; First Nat'l Bk. Bldg., Denver, Colo.

New Mexico: W. A. Sloan '31; Box 558 Albuquerque.

Northern Pacific Division

Oregon: Clarence J. Young, LL.B. '19; 800 Pacific Bldg., Portland.

Seattle: Samuel L. Savidge, Jr. '46; 1818 Broadmoer Dr., Seattle Wash.

Spokane: Alan P. O'Kelley '38; 622 Spokane & Eastern Bldg., Spokane, Wash.

Southern Pacific Division

San Dlego: Lesile P. Brown, M.A. '13; 4375 Ampudia St. San Diego; Cal.

San Francisco: Theodore L. Eliot '25; 311 California St., San Francisco, Cal.

Santa Barbara: Paul C. Sherbert '39; Santa Barbara School, Carpentaris, Cal.

Southern California: W. Herbert Allen '18; 483 S. Spring St., Los Angeles.

Arizona: Thomas T. Clark, Jr. '41; 40 Caile Clara Vista, Tucson.

Phoenix: Jackson Hoagland, M.D.A. '32; Rt. 2. Box 393, Phoenix.

Hawall: Maurice Sapienza '37; Attorney General's Office, Iolani Palace, Hololulu.

Canadian Division

Toronto: Carroll C. Longley, M.B.A. '38; 35 St. Leonard's Cres.

Orient Division

Phillipines: G. P. Palmar 1, 26; 505 Insular Life Bldg., Manila.

European Division

London: Stewart D. D. Pearl, LL.B. '35; 1 Garden Court, Middle Temple, London, E. C. 4.

France: Francis G. B. Roche '09; 4 Place de la Concorde, Paris.

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