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Each summer more students go to Europe than over before. And each summer they leg abroad even more useless clothing than their predecessors.

Since the average summer traveler crosses the Atlantic Ocean by ship and then limits his wanderings to western Europe, his is probably the cost most worth analyzing.

Heavier clothing is necessary for the ocean voyage thus European climes require. The shrewd traveler takes a tweed or woolen suit and overcoat with him just for the high seas and stores them away when he lands until September.

For the intervening weeks he will need one decent suit (perhaps), such light wear as khaki wash pasts and this cool jackets.

Two or three pairs of pants and two jackets are ample for ordinary use. After he has seen some thousands of American students sporting cord and berserks jackets and grey final trousers from London to Naples, the traveler who wears this uniform will wish he were a little less stereotyped.

The Harvard man is accustomed to sitting down most of the day. But the beautiful, intriguing, sprawling European cities will encourage him to walk.

Traditional buckskins are adequate, but they are hot, and rubber soles do not make for comfortable long-distance hiking. Loafers and sneakers are cool, but rough on feet. Old leather shoes are best.

Nylon shirts and underwear require the simplest of laundering techniques and a medium of drying time, since they do not absorb moisture. Their wearers have been known to complain of a "slimy feeling" long before the end of a summer day. Tee-shirts and light sports shirts win the popularity contest.

As for coats, a waterproof trench coat is all that either tourists or natives find necessary. One wool sweater will come in handy, particularly-in England.

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