Draft Snafus Job Hunters

Majority of '50 Hope For Grad School

Of the Class of 1850, 63% hoped to enter a graduate school this fall, according to a poll taken by the Office of Student Placement last spring. Of these, 66 percent wanted to attend a Harvard school, but Director Alexander Clark estimates on past figures that only one fifth of these will succeed.

Military mobilization has complicated the job-hunting efforts of the 33 percent of the class which planned to go directly into business or industry. Employers are reported reluctant to hire men who are about to be drafted, and most of the non-veteran half of '50, which averages 22.3 years old, falls into this category.

Graduate schools of Arts and Sciences claimed the attention of 32 percent of those who wanted to go to continue studying. Twenty-two percent wanted to attend, Business School, the same number hoped to go to Law school, and 13 percent wanted, to study medecine. Next to Harvard, Columbia was the most popular choice for graduate work.

Training programs in large corporations wil ltake most of those who wanted to go directly into industry, Clark said. Many others have expressed a desire to enter government work, he added.