3,500 Give $344,000 To Advanced Study Group, Huggins Says

The Harvard Foundation for Advanced Study and Research has raised a total of $344,000 so far, Gordon Huggins '29, its executive director, announced this week.

The Foundation--which is the alumni organization of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the Schools of Design, Education, and Public Administration--had a $336,000 total, when its books closed for the year on July 1.

Approximately 3,500 men have given to the Foundation up to the present time. Most of the money raised will go towards the Foundation's $1,300,000 capital drive. The Foundation is committed to raise $1,000,000 for the Graduate Center with the remainder going for research funds.

Provost Buck will give a dinner for the Administrative and Executive Committees of the Foundation in the Society of Follows room in Eliot House on the evening of October 6, the dedication day of the Graduate Center.