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Completion of its new constitution will be the chief task of the Student Council when it reconvenes early next week.

This job, and the Council's other activities scheduled for this fall may have a reasonably sound financial basis according to early reports of the results of the Council's new fund raising method, direct solicitation at registration.

Eighty-two percent of the Class of 1954 made contrigutions to the Council which totaled about $1800. A less heavy proportion of upperclassmen chipped in on the Council fund drive, but this was expected and Council members remarked that the overall results of their campaign were "surprisingly good."

In previous years the Council raised its funds by taking a given percentage out of students' contributions to the Combined Charities Drive unless the donors specified otherwise.

Started Last Spring

The constitutional reforms which will occupy much of the Council's time this month and next were first introduced early last spring. At that time a Committee to Revise the Council Constitution recommended that six additional members be appointed to the Council (which is elected by the student body) by vote of the Council before November 1 each year. These members would concentrate on the Council's "advisory functions," which involve recommendations to the University Administration on matters of general academic policy. The new constitution also changes the starting time of a Councilman's term from September to February.

William R. Polk '51, one of the newly elected Councilmen, said last night that the new Council was determined "not to drag out the matter of constitutional revision with talk and talk."

The Council also intends to run an exchange for students' surplus football tickets again this fall. This service will begin with the handling of surplus Columbia game tickets at P.R.H. next week.

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