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City Plans Distribution of Brochure To Councillors, Files of Police

By Philip M. Crown

The Cambridge City Council yesterday ordered a list of 68 so-called "Communists, communist sympathizers, or fellow travelers" on the Harvard faculty distributed to the nine councillors and to the chief of police and placed on public file.

Presence on the list indicates association at some time with certain alleged "Communist front" organizations. The motion for this order was proposed by Councillor John D. Lynch.

The two-year old list, which includes the name of President Conant, was published by the National Council for American Education, of New York City, and was nationally publicized in a report as "Reducators."

A high University official, whose name does not appear on the list, last night attacked it an "unreliable and full of mistakes."

The council motion leaves it up to each councillor to do what he wishes with the list. Lynch said yesterday that he may take steps to publicize the list. He had sought for the last two years to get the council to pass measures to publicize or prosecute local Communists; he hailed yesterday's measures as a "step in the right direction."

List 124 Red Organizations

The dossier, sent in manuscript form to the council by Robert Denner of Color ado Springs, Colorado, lists 124 "organizations designated as (Communist front) by government investigating agencies." The agencies were not named.

In an introduction, the publishers stated that "the inclusion of a professor or instructor in this list is not conclusive evidence that he is a Communist. He may simply be naive. Similarly, this list does not necessarily include all Harvard professors who may be pro-Communist.

"Some of the most malefic and dangerous persons in America are not in any Communist front; they are secret members of the Communist party--sometimes high in its councils."

The publication defines a Communist listed as "an impatient socialist in a hurry." The avowed purpose of the list

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