Cambridge Police to OK Weekend Parking

Weekend parking on Cambridge streets will be allowed this year unless specific complaints are made to the police about the cars in question.

The local constabulary continued their drive to halt weekday overnight parking, however, when early yesterday morning they tagged over ten cars in the Lowell and Eliot House area.

"We're working on other streets right now," a department captain said yesterday, "but before long we'll be getting around to Harvard Square."

"Whatever we're concentrating on," he continued, "we don't intend to tag too many cars near the College in a single night. We want to leave some students in class," he said.

Although the police intend to be lenient on weekend parking, they are anxious for students to get their cars "out of the way" at other times.

The captain concluded by warning that "no matter where our squad cars are working, we're going to send them to check up on a few streets around the College area."

The Cambridge police allowed parking on the streets during weekends last year. According to Captain of the City Patrick McCarthy, this was done largely for the benefit of out-of-towners who had no place to leave their cars when they visited.