Housemasters Will Consider Parietal Rules

Meeting Takes Place Tonight; Prospect for Early Decision Dim as Faculty Has to Vote

Parietal rules, a subject which has been battered around for three consecutive years, will come up before a meeting of the House Masters again tonight, but indications are that it will be a long time before any definite action is taken.

Presumably the seven Masters will discuss the points made in a letter received from Council President Richard M. Sandier '52 and endorsed by the House committees and the Council.

In this letter, mailed out almost two weeks ago. Sandler stated that the request to extend room permissions to 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday stems from "the ever-worsening financial situation of the Harvard student." Sandler states that while the student's desire for female companionship remains "healthfully constant, his fiscal ability to provide entertainment grown steadily worse."

The Draft Last Year

When the issue was brought up last year the House Master rejected the request on the grounds that the draft might bring a younger element to the College and therefore it would be inadvisable to change the rules at that time.

Since the last time the parietal rules issue came up, regulations at Yale have been extended to allow entertainment of women in college rooms until 11 p.m. on Saturday nights and Friday nights before football games. According to Yale's Dean William C. DeVane, the new rules have worked "pretty well."

Frinceton's parietal rules, based on a "on sex after seven" rule, are the same as the College's.