Yale Drops Spring Football Practices

Elis' Hall Says Conant OK'd Plan: Entire Ivy Group May Join

Yale University has decided to climate spring football practice, and other schools in the Ivy Group, including Harvard are considering doing the same, Yale Athletic Director Robert A. Hall told the Yale Daily News last night.

The policy will go into effect this spring.

Hall said that President Conant has given his approval to the plan. The presidents of all the Ivy colleges have been in contact and may confer about the issue in December.

May Cut Schedule

Yale is also considering cutting its football schedule from nine to eight games and playing one team twice during the same season, Hall said.

The abolition of spring practice is being closely considered by all Ivy Group schools except Pennsylvania, Hall emphasized. Athletic Directors from the other Ivy League colleges will meet in early December to set policy on the matter, but it is understood that regardless of what other schools decide, Yale will definitely give up spring practice. Hall did not specify whether or not other schools are considering schedule changes.

Bolles Heard Rumor

Director of Athletics Thomas D. Bolles last night said that he had heard nothing official about Yale's decision, but that he "had heard some rumors about that sort of thing." It is known that Bolles himself is not in favor of the complete abolition of spring practice. He regards it as a symptom and not a deep seated cause of football's "professionalism disease."

Football Coach Lloyd-Jordan could not be reached for comment last night, but in the past he has said that abolition would be difficult to achieve because "before you knew it, all the football players would be training as members of the track team or something like that."

Princeton, according to Hall, is considering the policy changes, but has not as yet made any decisions.

Hall also told the News that he himself is studying the possibility of having foreign soccer teams come over to play against Yale and other American schools.