Placement Office Will Poll '50 Grads It Helped in Jobs

Students of the Class of 1950 who found work through the Office of Student Placement will soon receive a follow-up questionnaire, Assistant Director Alexander Clark announced yesterday.

The questionnaire will ask the alumni how they regard the company for which they worked, what their chances of promotion were, and how they liked the training program.

The questions will be divided into the yes-no variety, and those requiring more detailed explanation. This questionnaire will be used as future reference for placement selection, helping to eliminate any unnecessary friction between employer and employee.

Clark said that the questionnaire will be mailed in approximately two weeks time to nearly half of the class of '50.

The Student Placement Office has also asked several prominent industrialists to speak before groups of interested students. Clark announced that Louis L. deRochemont '28. "March of Time" producer may address Ivy Films members sometime this winter.


Another project underway at the Student Placement Office is the collecting of facts on job horizons in the various departments of government.