A.F.L. Pickets 'Seeing Red'

Two Union Men Claim HPC Should Employ Union Stage Hands

Two American Federation of Labor officials last night braved the cold to picket the Hasty Pudding Theatricals' new show. "Seeing Red," for more than an hour.

Jeremiah F. Galvin, President of A.F. of L. Local 11, and James J. O'Brien, Business Manager, spent the early evening giving out handbills which stated. "SEEING RED ... DOES NOT EMPLOY Union Stage Hands and Musicians affiliated with the American Federation of Labor. This is occurring after many years of cordial relations and is not due to any lack of cooperation on the Union's part."

O'Brien declared that three union men had been employed in last year's show, and that Local 11 was seeking at least equal treatment this year. "We will be back every night this week, if necessary," be announced.

Hasty Pudding Graduate Advisory Council president Francis T. Baldwin '24 gave three reasons for not employing union help this year. "First, we're putting on a strictly amateur show. The actors and musicians are all college men-and there is no reason why the stage hands shouldn't be as well.

"Secondly, we are playing only in nonunion theaters-here in the clubhouse, and on the road. Third, we just can't afford to pay for union labor. It can mean the difference between breaking even and losing."

Last year the Theatricals paid more than $275 to Boston unions, and over $1.300 to New York labor organizations.

Hasty Pudding business officials did not anticipate any adverse effects from the picketing and are adding an extra performance onto the regularly scheduled Cambridge run to accommodate recent ticket demand. The extra performance will be on Monday evening.

No violence attended the picketing, although members of the show tried to discourage the union men by occasionally running out into Holyoke Street exclaiming. "Gee, this will be great for publicity," and going inside again.

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