G.O.P. Professors Support Ike, 3-1; Taft Far Behind

General Eisenhower was a three to one favorite for the Republican presidential nomination in 1952 among the speakers at the Republican Open Forum last night at the Littauer Center.

Robert Amory '36, professor of Law, McGeorge Bundy, associate professor of Government, and Charles R. Cherington '35, associate professor of Government, agreed that if Eisenhower would be a little more specific on his domestic policy, he would have a very good chance of election. Bruce C. Hopper '13, associate professor of Government, stood alone in supporting Robert Taft for the Republican nomination.

"Ike serves as a symbol of America's new position in world affairs," Cherington said, pointing out that the Republicans were counting on him. Hopper insisted that "Eisenhower is too easy-going."

Mink coats and deep freeze scandals won't win the election for the Republicans, the professors agreed, though they may help.