Tom Paine of Thetford

The Mail

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

The town of Thetford, Norfolk, England, gave America one of her greatest citizens, Thomas Paine. Not only has he been described as the Friend of Mankind, but as America's Godfather. There is no need for us to tell you what he achieved for the United States of America, which phrase he coined, since America's indebtedness to Paine has been proclaimed by many of your Presidents, including Washington, Jefferson, Monroe, Jackson, Lincoln, Wilson, and Franklin Roosevelt.

In connection with the Festival of Britain, the Borough of Thetford will be celebrating Thomas Paine's connection with this ancient town, in the first week of this coming June, with the performance of a play about him, the recitation of some of his work by famous American and British film stars, and the formation of a permanent Thomas Paine Museum and Library.

I would be most grateful for the loan of any relics, letters or portraits of Thomas Paine, for the month of June and the gift of any books or prints which admirers of Paine could send us. We would insure and take every care of any objects of value that our American friends would loan us and naturally we would welcome all American visitors to Paine's birthplace, which still stands and is marked by a plaque erected by American soldiers stationed near Thetford during the last war. Mrs. E. Watling,   Mayor