2 Groups Plan To Quit UERA For New Body

Engineers, Maintenance Staff Charge Tampered Elections, Plan to Petition State Board

University Engineers and Maintenance men will petition to break with the employees union here before the State Labor Relations Board Monday, it was learned last night.

The two groups, long dissatisfied with H.U.E.R.A. rule and President Daniel F. Mulvihill, have been planning the move every since last February's H.U.E.R.A. elections. They charged that the nominations and ballots had been tampered with.

If the men are successful, there will be five independent and two A.F.L. unions within the University.

Commenting on the situation, Edward T. Sullivan, secretary of the A.F.L. Central Labor Union which is trying to form an all inclusive local here, said that the situation was "a hell of a one for labor relations in an institution which teaches them."

Sullivan claimed that the University would be able to dictate policy to its employees "with no trouble," since they would be split into so many craft unions.

He said further that an all inclusive A.F.L. local here would solve the situation because bargaining power would be centralized.

"University employees want to get rid of Mulvihill, but they don't want it bad enough to pay us the dues for helping them," Sullivan continued. He thinks the maids want A.F.L. support, but admitted that without the engineers and maintenance men, they couldn't be strong enough.