Lord Tedder, Chancellor of Cambridge, Visits University

Air Marshal Arthur W. Tedder, chancellor of the University of Cambridge, will visit Harvard today. Lord Tedder, who was Deputy Supreme Allied Committee under General Eisenhower from 1943 to 1945, will dine at 1 p.m. in the Society of Fellows room in Eliot House.

Tedder last fall succeeded the late Jan Christian Smuts in the honorary post of chancellor at Cambridge, the university from which Harvard sprang.

Host at the Eliot lunch will be David M. Little '18, secretary to the University, who will receive Tedder in President Conant's absence. Dinner guests will include University deans and three faculty members who are graduates of Cambridge--University Professor I. A. Richards, Arthur Darby Nock, Frothingham Professor of the History of Religion, and T. North Whitehead, director of the Radcliffe Management Training Program.

In the afternoon Tedder will tour the University, and will also make a special trip to the Annex. He will inspect Holden Chapel, given to the University in the 18th century by the widow of Samuel Holden, a prominent English Dissenter.

Other visitors to the Yard in the near future will include Pakistan's representative to the United Nations, Indonesia's ambassador to the U.S., Egypt's minister to the U.N. and the head of the University of Durham in Great Britain.