Vets' Housing Projects Extended Until Autumn

Board of Appeals Unanimously Extends Deadline 7 Months Till After Closing of College

The Cambridge Board of Appeals yesterday voted to grant the University permission, to postpone tearing down its veterans housing projects until September 1. No one at the meeting opposed the University's petition for deadline extension.

When the tan, barrack-type buildings were put up in 1946, the City provided that they must be torn down in five years. The deadline was last February, but the University asked for an extension until the summer to demolish the houses to prevent turning veterans and ther families out during winter and school months.

Although Charles C. Pyne, assistant to the administrative vice-President, who represented the University, asked for a deadline extension only through August 1, the Board decided to allow an extra month leeway.

Pyne said after the meeting that the University is not planning to put up anything else on the property which the barracks now occupy. He added that there would be no further efforts on the part of the University to provide for veterans' housing.

"We feel that the veterans' population has gone down to the point where such aid is no longer necessary," Pyne concluded.