Yale College Downs Adams, 7-6, in Final Baseball Game

Two of Yale's colleges failed in etiquette but upheld their records last Saturday as they played host to and defeated two top House teams. Jonathan Edwards beat Eliot 7 to 6 in baseball, while Silliman defeated Aklams in golf, 5 to 0.

Eliot looked like a sure winner as the ball game opened. Behind Buzz Vonderlage's pitching, the Elephants took four quick runs in the first inning. As the second inning began, so did the rains, and the next four innings were played at a slow pace through the mud.

At the end of the fifth, the score stood tied at 6 to 6. Both teams agreed to go one more inning before calling the game. Jonathan Edwards eked out the winning run in their half of this sixth inning.

Vinnie Morton almost broke the tie in the fifth when he sent a long ball toward the outfield, but it was caught for the third out just short of the fence. Morton had been consistent all afternoon, batting out two singles early in the game.

Yard Intramurals

Yard softball competition reached its climax yesterday, as Matthews South topped previously unbeaten Matthews North, 11 to 8. Relief pitcher Ed Suss scored the win after starter Jack Little was yanked in the fourth.

South scored eight runs in the first inning on the wild pitching of North's Jim Walker. Walker stayed in, however, and settled down to pitch a fairly tight game for the other six innings.

Left-fielder Andy Nelson of Matthews South knocked a grand slam home run in the first inning. The only other homer of the game was hit by North's center fielder, Dick Hazen, in the fifth with the bases empty.