Lowell Institute Records in Lamont for Fall Broadcast

Pierre Emmanuel delivers a lecture (left) to a large class in the smoking room on Lamont Library's first level, while Bruce A Morton '52 and Gordon J. McKinley record it (right) for the Lowell Institute.

The Institute has been recording Emmanuel's Comparative Literature 102, "The Tragic Sense in Modern Literature"; Hans Morgenthau's Government 180, "Principles of International Politics"; and Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin's Astronomy 1a, "The Solar System and Its Evolution."

The lectures will be broadcast over the Institute's new educational FM station during the fall.

Lamont's special electrical set-up facilitates recording. The microphone on Emmanuel's desk can be seen above. The recording equipment was placed in the booth to the left of the lower entrance to the library. Many students entering Lamont stopped to listen.