NCAA Votes New Scholarship Plan; Extends TV Curb

The National Collegiate Athletic Association ended its 46th Convention with policy changes on the administering of financial aid and the academic eligibility of athletes.

The N.C.A.A. followed the recommendations of the college presidents in both these matters, as it called for all financial aid to be administered by the proper educational agency, and required all athletes to be in good academic standing for eligibility.

The first is an attempt to stop lavish alumni gifts to high school stars. Previously there had been no restriction in some conferences on sources and sizes of scholarship aid. The second was an obvious attempt to keep schools from conferring degrees in football.

The Association also voted to extend its control of football televising for another year.

The N.C.A.A. did not agree with the presidents on the matter of athletic scholarships, bowl games, and spring practice. It took no stand on the first, appointed a committee to study the second, and adopted a compromise on the third, limiting it to 20 sessions in a month and outlawing spring games or scrimmages with other schools.