Want a Calabash?

The Mail

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

We have been so grateful in coming across your newspaper address as we learnt is the best and most serviceable newspaper you have in your town at present. We shall be extremely grateful and joyful it you will be so kind in publishing this our few lines in the front page of your daily or weekly journal as written below.


We have been looking for pals around America of either sex, young or old, of any complexion, anywhere in America to correspond with and also exchange with different kinds of African goods to American goods as gift. We can offer any of these Africans goods as gift and exchange to American goods. Carved ebonys of any style. African wallet made of alligator or leopard skin or any animal skin, Ladies and gents hand bag made of colourful animal skin, Native cloth which can be used for coat or any other dress weared by Original "YORUBAS," carved calabashes for dressing parlour or museum or dancing hall, Sandals and Slippers made of animal skin or variegated colours. African polished marriage combs for beautiful dress in houses at the time of marriage etc. Exchange to American goods like Pilgrim secret wallets, billfolds, belts, hand-paint Original ties, jackets, candys and gums, cameras, trousers, T shirts, sports shirts, coats, pearls, earrings, powders, soaps, canvas, cosmetic, towel, cigarette cases, colourful ankle socks, shoes, finger nail clippers etc.

We are ready to assist in case you may like to buy a large quantity of any among these for trading purpose. Jelli Aremu Adu   Samuel Adeniyl Kayode   41 Omididun St.   Lages, Nigeria