Dorms Vie for Prizes In 'Cliffe Song Contest

Cheers from the band and folksongs from Leverett House will ring through the Quad tonight to help out the Annual 'Cliffe Song Contest at 7:30 p.m. on the stops of Cabot Hall.

Each 'Cliffe dorm will try to present a singable, lasting song for the Red Book, as well as something for general entertainment. The girls will accompany the songs with skits.

Dean Moser, Dean Sherman, and Joan Projansky '49, director of publicity, will judge the songs for the Red Book. The Radcliffe News will present a silver cup, the "Annie" for the song that contributes most to the "general pleasure."

During the judging, Michael Vidor '55 will lead a trio of Leverett men in folk songs. Coffee and do-nuts will be served.