Ford Foundation Analyzes ROTC

The Department of Defense and the Ford Foundation for the Advancement of Education are cooperating on a program to analyze the shortcomings of R.O.T.C. units in U.S. colleges, it was announced yesterday.

Dr. Alvin C. Eurlich, president of the Foundation, has called the aim of the study the development of responsibility and leadership. The R.O.T.C. units will be judged on the relationship of their programs to normal college life, the grading of officer candidates, and the content of instruction.

At first, the Ford Foundation plans to set up pilot, or trial, groups in three or four colleges to test new types of training.

Lt. Col. Trevor N. Dupuy, professor of Military Science and Tactics, said last night that he has received no word yet about a pilot unit at Harvard, but he cited the need for such a group.