Samborski Issues House All-Star Football Lineup

Adolf W. Samborski '26, Director of intramural Athletics, yesterday released the official line-ups for the House All-Star football game.

The contest will be held in the Stadium on Tuesday, November 11, at 1.30 p.m. Admission will be free.

The two squads, to be named shortly in the CRIMSON's "Name the Game" contest, will be led by Eliot coach Charley Dey and Leverett mentor Paul Staley. The head coaches will be assisted by the three coaches of the other teams making up their squads.

In his announcement, Samborski also named the officials for the contest. Leroy J. Kelley of Dartmouth will be the referee, Thomas F. Murphy of Boston College will be umpire, John J. Daly, Jr. of Williams will be linesman, and Henry D. Hormel of New York University will be field judge.

The green-jerseyed squad, Eliot, Adams, Dunster, and Winthrop, has made a strong overall showing this year in the House league. The Elephants hold first place, the Goldcoasters third, the Funsters fourth, and the Puritans are tied for seventh.

For the blue-jerseyed squad, Leverett now holds second place, Lowell and Dudley are tied for fifth, and Kirkland is tied for seventh place.

The lineups are as follows:

The Green Squad (Eliot, Adams, Dunster, Winthrop): Ends--D. F. Cavers (D), G. Chace (W), W. C. Gray, Jr. (E), S. W. White III (E); Tackies--H. Townsend (A), D. P. Black (E), F. J. Davis (W), B. Kafka (A); Guarde--R. D. Picard (A), A. N. Ichike (D), G. S. White (D), L. Lockwood (E), D. Rubin (W); Centers--G. C. Viahos (A), E. M. Cohen (D), H. J. Hoffman (D), S. Huttenbauer, Jr. (W); Quarterbacks--J. Kurzman (E), F. V. Scanlon (W), J. F. King (A); Halfbacks--H. Levy (A), R. L. Peyton (D), W. D. Howells (E), F. Rhinelander (E), H. Greenburg (E), L. R. Boies (D), N. Hall (W); Fullbacks--J. J. McNamara (E), W. C. James (W), J. Donald (A).

The Blue Squad (Leverett, Lowell, Dudley, Kirkland); Ends--R. C. Driscoll (D), D. J. Donahos (Low), A. F. Kennay (Low.), E. T. Smyth (Lev.), D. Tyler (Lev.), A. M. Glazerman (Lev.), Tackies--H. L. Moffet (Low.), C. T. Browne (K), C. R. Hartley (K), R. A. Monroe (Lev.); Guarde--F. G. Dewar (D), J. S. Morgan, Jr. (D), H. S. Reynolds (K), E. H. Stone (K), L. A. Segel (Lev.); Centers--J. J. O'Donnell (D), L. I. Alpert (K), J. A. Muss (Low.); Quarterbacks--W. E. Allison (D), R. G. Lown (Low.); D. J. O'Connor (Lev.); Halfbacks--J. J. Murray (D), T. D. Briggs (Low.); D. L. Brennan (K), C. F. Collins (K), S. L. Batchelder (Lev.), J. L. Hindman (Lev.); Fullbacks--G. E. Donovan (D), I. Cadenhead (Low.), J. D. Bagdasarian (Lev.).