HYRC Backs Federal Stipends, Government Public School Aid; Cherington Ill. Misses Meeting

The featured speaker of the evening failed to appear but the Harvard Young Republicans Club held its scheduled meeting last night on the role of the Federal government in education.

Charles R. Cherington '55, associate professor of Government who had planned to address the group was unable to attend because of illness.

In a series of resolutions the Young Republicans sketched the outlines of a program of Federal assistance to education. They called for a long-term system of government scholarships to aid deserving students. The program would award all expenses scholarship annual to 1,500 graduating high school seniors A board of leading educators set up by Presidential appointment would administer the scholarships.

The group also urged the Federal government to grant financial assistance to state public school system. Money would go to those states whose average spending per pupil is below the national average. The resolution emphasized that the states must retain complete discretion as to the use of the money.