Council Discusses Parietal Changes, New Lamont Time

Parietal rules and Lamont Library hours, currently the two most hotly debated topics in the College, took up the bulk of the Student Council's time last night.

On the parietal rules issue, the Council agreed to postpone any official judgment on the new rules until the details of administration of the new system are worked out by the Housemasters.

The main point discussed was the shortening of afternoon hours. Dunster House representative Michael G. Yamin '53 expressed the opinion that "if the Housemasters feel there is a legitimate student desire, they might use their discretion to permit the one o'clock afternoon permission on special occasions."

John Tulenko '54 thought next year's football weekends would be a logical time for this special extension.

President Richard E. Johnson thought the new version of the rules, which allow room permissions until 11 p.m. on Saturdays in return for a cut-back on weekday hours "will provide the greatest good for the greatest number of students." John- son said, however that a "vocal minority" didn't like the new arrangement.

On the Library issue, Yamin proposed the Council approves the suggestion that Lamount stay open on Sundays and after 10 p.m. weekdays. This wo8uld be on a trials basis during yeading and examination periods. The Council tabled the pinposalfor consideration next week.

Newly elected House representatives attended the meeting as guests. It was also announced that John S. Chatfield of Chinematt had won the runoff election for Eliot House representative