Miller and White Get I.A.S. Grants

Two University faculty members will spend next year at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton, New Jersey, it was announced yesterday.

Perry G. E. Miller '31, professor of American History, and Morton G. White, associate professor of Philosophy, were recently appointed to Institute positions. It has not been decided, however, who will teach their courses here. Both teach in General Education as well as several courses in their own departments.

Miller, author of "The Transcendentalists" and two books on New England thought, was given a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1936. He teaches Humanities III besides his courses in American literature. White, who gives the second half of Humanities 5 and three courses in Philosophy, is the author of "Origins of Dewey's Instrumentalism."

The Institute, an independent organization for research, gives scholars an opportunity to pursue their special interests--for instance, Albert Einstein has spent the last several years there.