Basketball Team Trims B.U., 54-48

Dennis Freeze Saves First Win in 11 Tries

Crimson basketball fans were treated to their first victory since January 4 as the varsity trimmed B.U., 54 to 48, in the I.A.B. last night. The win was the varsity's first in 11 games and gives them a record of 5 and 12 for the season.

Two "little men" put on most of the show for the night. The Crimson's five foot ten Ed Krinsky played almost the whole game with his recently injured leg half-covered with tape. Despite his bad leg, Krinsky led most of his team's fast breaks and scored eight points, most of them when the Terriers began pulling close.

The other "midget," five foot six Johnny Nunciato of B.U., scored 14 points for his team, and was all over the court to snag passes and steal the ball. Nunciato also fed the ball well to Marty Reisner, who nested 6 points from close in for B.U.

Paced by Bill Dennis, Ed Blodnick, and Bob Gremp, who all scored over 10 points, the Crimson never fell behind in the game. The Terriers were held scoreless for five minutes in the first quarter. They narrowed the gap to two points at the quarter, but fell behind again, 27 to 23, at the half.

Lionette in Fight

The Crimson was tied twice in the third period, but pulled away to lead, 44 to 39, to start the last 10 minutes. The game was livened up shortly after when Dick Lionette and B.U.'s Bob Spence began trading punches and were thrown out of the game.

With the Crimson only two points up going into the last five minutes. Bill Dennis put on one of his patented dribbling shows to freeze the ball. The over-anxious Terriers pressed too hard and left Dennis and Blodnick uncovered under the basket for easy crib shots, clinching the game in the last minute.

The Yardlings, led by Harry Sacks with 17 points, topped the B.U. freshmen, 66 to 39, for their 11th straight win.