Magazine Surveys Sex at Modern American College

Compact, "The Pocket Magazine for Young Moderns" becomes the latest in a lengthy list of magazines to survey immorality on the American campus with an article, "What About College Morals?," in its March issue.

In the article, students representing a "highly selective cross-section" of colleges present their opinions on everything from the good-night kiss, to heavy necking, to pre-marital relations. Wellesley, Radcliffe, M.I.T., and Harvard are among the schools represented.

On the subject of the good-night kiss, a Wellesley girl calls it "Standard procedure for the first date. I had a date every Saturday night my first semester and only two of the boys didn't try to kiss me the first time I went out with them. One was a blind date--I didn't like him and he didn't like me--and the other was a young intern, definitely above average, who really knew how to treat a woman."

A Radcliffe junior offers a method for avoiding the good-night kiss: "Don't let yourself get 'fenced in' Sometimes it works if you try the line, 'It's been so wonderful this way,' accompanied by a gentle pressure of the fingers."

According to a Harvard freshman, "There's too much talk about necking and petting already. It's more important for a girl to dance a good rumba and to know some of the fine points of football than to spend her time worrying about whether she should pet or not."

An M.I.T. student applies the theory of Eve seducing Adam to the problem of petting, which he calls "one of the girl's own making. You can't blame a boy for taking advantage of whatever opportunity presents itself. Some girls invite familiarities."