Halley Implies Kefauver May Be President

When I work for a man, then be becomes President's; Has Good Words for Stevenson

Senator Estes Kefauver may some day win the Presidency, Rudolph Halley intimated in an interview last night. Halley also praised Governor Adlai Stevenson of Illinois and Newbold Morris, newly appointed assistant Attorney General.

Halley was chief counsel for the Truman Committee investigating war frauds in 1944. In 1950 he became head investigator for the Kefauver Crime Committee. When these two posts were called to his attention. Halley smiled broadly and said. "When I work for a man, then he becomes President. Not always in a year, though." He quickly added. "I'm not speaking of the 1952 election."

Speaking about Kefauver, he said that he was a fine Senator and a "great man."

Will Kefauver win the impending Democratic Presidential nomination? "I'm got a politician," he replied. "I'm just an amateur in politics."

Stevenson Admired


Halley spoke of Stevenson as having the reputation of a "crime fighter." He farther volunteered. "He has won the admiration of all political parties in Illinois."

Halley said that corruption may be an important issue in the coming election, but that this was hard to judge now. It depends upon what happens in the next few months, he declared.

Asked whether he would seek higher political office in the near future, he said that when he ran for the City Council, he ran on a platform stressing separation between municipal government and state and national politics. Pressed further, he stated, "I've already got a job to do in the near future."