'52 Elects Peterson, Lewis, Carrington Class Marshals

28 Men Take 6 Hours to Count

Chase Nebeker Peterson, of Logan, Utah and Winthrop edged over a field of 70 seniors to win the First Marshal's position in the Class of '52 last night. John Lewis, of Houston, Texas and Dunster copped the Second Marshal's post, while Walter Carrington, of Everett and Lowell placed third.

Final results were reached at 2 a.m. this morning after 23 men counted ballots for six and one-half hours behind the locked doors of the Student Council office in Phillips Brooks House.

Other members of the Permanent Class Committee are Dustin Mahlon Burke, of Athol and 26 Fresh Pond Parkway, Richard Totten Button, of Englewood, New Jersey, and Lowell, Humphrey Doermann of New York City and Lowell, Edmond Joseph Gong, of Miami and Kirkland, Benjamin Franklin Macdonald, of Pittsburgh and Winthrop, Louis Butler McCagg, of Cambridge and Winthrop, Charles Edward Nelson, of Marin, Indiana, and Kirkland, Samuel Scoville Paschal, of New York City and Leverett, and Richard Martin Sandler, of Verona, New Jersey, and Dunster.

Button Fourth

Button placed fourth by a "close margin," according to Council president Richard Johnson '53, in charge of the counting.

The votes were counted on a preferential system. Button was highest in popular vote, tallying 289. Lewis was close behind with 287, while Peterson rolled up 272.

Charles C. Cabot, Jr. was only 12 votes behind the 12th man on the Class Committee. Within 27 votes of the 12th committee member were C. Major Close, Gim P. Fong, Mark Gibson, Calvert C. Groton, William M. Hickey, Gerald D. Murphy, and Robert L. Wiley.

One Ballot Lost

Sandler said that the only snag in the counting came when one ballot was temporarily lost. Each ballot of an almost full class vote was processed about 25 times, according to the workers, and each count was double-checked. Some were triple-checked.

The First Marshal leads his class in the Commencement ceremonies and heads the Permanent Class Committee. This group is not the same as the Class Day Committee, which has charge of senior activities during Commencement Week. The balloting for that will be held later this spring.

Peterson, after waking up to hear the news, said he was happy with the results and "very pleased" with his committee. He added that "any one of the 70 would have been good to work with."