Alexander Bright Donates $20,000 To Brighten Hockey Rink Prospects

Possible Construction Methods Investigated, But No Definite Plans Made Yet by H.A.A.

Hopes for prompt construction of a badly-needed Harvard hockey rink rose sharply yesterday with the announcement of a $20,000 gift "toward a new hockey rink" by Alexander H. Bright '20.

The gift brings the total of alumni contributions for the rink to $21,288.13, but this figure is apparently still far short of the amount needed. The Athletic Association has examined ways and means of construction, but has drawn up no definite blueprints, according to Thomas D. Bolles, Director of Athletics.

"All considerations of detail are academic until we can get the money," Bolles said. Bolles did not estimate the amount needed, but it is known that outdoor rinks can cost as much as $450,000 (covered) and at least $150,000 (open).

Bright, one of a group of "private hockey enthusiasts" who are evidently supporting the rink drive, was skiing this weekend, and could not be reached for comment.

Bolles indicated that the group is not an official one, with any set organization. "They've sent out no letters," he said, "nor made any sort of all-out appeal to the alumni."

Bright, one-time president of the Varsity Club, was a strong advocate for the building of a new club building two years ago.

The proposal evoked vigorous controversy: among the arguments advanced in opposition was one holding that a hockey rink was needed more badly than a new Varsity Club.