College Will Omit 1952 Preliminary Course Catalogue

Preliminary study cards for the fall term were given out as usual in the dining halls yesterday, but tutors and advisors will be much busier his year helping students fill them out by May1.

At a recent meeting the Faculty Committee on Educational policy, headed by Provost Buck, decided not to issue the customary "Preliminary Announcement of Courses" for 1952 to '53. Until the was three course announcements wer printed-in March, May, and September. The final course announcement, however, will still be Issused in early September.

Expense, greater accuracy, and few course changes were the principal reasons for the decision. Roger W. Hickman, Assistant to the Provost, said last night.

Mimeographed Sheets

Dana M. Doten '29, Publication Agent, couldn't estimate the total amount thus saved, because each department is billed separately. Since many students take both a "Preliminary" and "final" catalog, the committee hopes to diminish the expense of giving out a total of over 15,000 copies. Hickman pointed out that the change would give departments more time to plan courses and personnel.


Registrar Sargent Keenedy said departments will issue mimeographed sheets listing course changes and additions. These will be posted in Departmental offices and given to tutors and advisor.