Egyptian Hits UN

Egypt has no faith in the UN to settle any political question, an Egyptian representative to the Commission for Human Rights of UNESCO declared last night.

In an interview with the CRIMSON. Dr Mahmoud Azmi Bey, who spoke earlier before the UN Council, charged Britain with "70 Specifie promises broken" in connection with the Suez Canal affair. He said that his nation would never submit this question to the UN to be settled.

Even though the United States has been conscientious in its efforts to breach the gap between Egypt and Britain. he feels that the British duplicity will always work against his country.

"Egypt will never allow domination by any other country, because Egyptian territory should be controlled by Egyptians." Boy said. He added that while the Canal is a means of communication which should be open to the entire world. Egypt can run it herself.

In his explanation of why not to consider UN mediation, he said that small countries are lost in the battles of the big ones, and will continue to be so throughout the cold war.


Bey said, however, that he has complete faith in the work done on the cultural and economic levels of the UN. But it will be centuries, he added, before the East and the West have sufficient cultural basis to settle any political questions.